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State of Wisconsin: City of Racine and Town of Waterford in Racine County; City of Madison and Towns of Primrose and Stoughton in Dane County.
State of Illinois: City of Chicago.

CaptainResidenceRankRank From
Johnson, Ole C.Stoughton, Dane County, WICaptain12 Dec 1861
First LieutenantResidenceRankRank From
Trenkler, Oscar Eau Claire, Eau Claire County, WIFirst Lieutenant18 Dec 1862
Enlisted MenResidenceRankRank From
Bell, Samuel Prairie du Sac, Sauk County, WIFirst Ast. Surgeon1 Sep 1864
Clausen, Claus L.Saint Ansgar, Mitchell County, IAChaplain13 Feb 1862
Clauson, Lewis
Hardy, William
Heg, Hans C.Waterford, Racine County, WIColonel30 Sep 1861
Himoe, Steven OliverLawrence, Douglas County, KSSurgeon11 Nov 1861
Holt, Ed
Larson, James Perry, Dane County, WICommissary Sergeant28 Feb 1862
Lee, John
Lindsfelt, Adolph FredrikSheboygan, Sheboygan County, WISurgeon23 Mar 1863
Mehlhorn, John F.Beaver Dam, Dodge County, WIFirst Ast. Surgeon10 Aug 1863
Newell, George F.Waterford, Racine County, WIFirst Ast. Surgeon17 Dec 1861
Olson, Nicholas
Oyen , Anthon O.Chicago, Cook County, ILPrivate8 Oct 1861
Rice, Jarvis LWaterford, Racine County, WIPrivate25 Feb 1862
Rothscapp, Sam
Taylor, Dick Servant
Thompson, Ole Private
Watson, William Private
Wooster, Daniel P.Racine, Racine County, WIFirst Ast. Surgeon19 Dec 1862