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Private Andrew Ellicksen of Company C Captured at Chickamauga, survived Andersonville Prison Image WHi (X3) 30063, State Historical Society of Wisconsin

This page contains links to a detailed history of the 15th Wisconsin, which fought in the Federal Army during the American Civil War (1861-1865).

The 15th was known as the Scandinavian Regiment because its officers and enlisted men were almost all immigrants from Scandinavia, predominantly from Norway, but also from Denmark and Sweden. While men from these countries served in many different Civil War units, both Federal and Confederate, the 15th was the only ‘all Scandinavian’ regiment on either side.

Source: Quiner, E. B., The Military History of Wisconsin: Civil and Military Patriotism of the State, in the War for the Union. Chicago, Illinois: Clarke & Company, Publishers, 1866. Chapter XXIII, pages 613-631.


Muster InWinter to Spring 1862: initial organization at Camp Randall, departure for the war, Society Nora, siege of Island No. 10, and raid on Union City.
PerryvilleSummer to Fall 1862: Western Tennessee campaign, retreat to Kentucky, Battle of Perryville/Chaplin Hills, expedition to Clarksville, raid on Island No. 10.
Stones RiverWinter 1862-1863: Nashville, skirmish at Knob Gap, Battle of Stone River/Murfreesboro, Tennessee.
ChickamaugaSpring to Fall 1863: change of commanders, assault across the Tennessee River, Battle of Chickamauga, Georgia.
Mission RidgeFall 1863 to Spring 1864: assault up Mission Ridge, relief of Knoxville, and wandering East Tennessee.
Atlanta CampaignSummer 1864: assault up Rocky Face Ridge, Battle of Resaca, Battle of Dallas/Pickett’s Mill, fighting near Kenesaw Mountain, siege and fall of Atlanta, Georgia.
Muster OutFall 1864 to Winter 1865: guard duty at Chattanooga and Whitesides, muster out by companies, and regimental statistics.