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The Fellesraad Annual Meeting will be held on May 3-4, 2019 at Mindekirken, 924 E 21st St, Minneapolis.

Representatives from each of 29 bygdelag meet yearly in Minneapolis on the first Saturday in May. Dues remain constant at $5.00 per lag, which entitles two delegates from each lag to attend and vote in the May annual meeting. Non-voting guests are also welcome.

Plan now to attend the Annual Meeting of Bygdelagenes Fellesraad.

The meeting in May will have DNA as its theme. An understanding of this “new” facet of genealogy is necessary, as it should be used as a companion to your research.

Jan Myhrvold of Gjerdrum, Norway, both a DNA and Finnskog expert, will be our guest presenter. He is both an administrator and a researcher in the largest DNA project in Norway, the Forest Finn DNA Project. He is also the Norwegian President of the Solør-Vårmland Finnkulturforening, which is a shared Norwegian and Swedish Finnish Culture Association.

Jan will teach multiple classes, including the Keynote address. He will, of course, talk about the basics of DNA and also interpreting DNA results. He’ll share his perspective of DNA in Norway and how it is being used. Jan will show the differences between Scandinavian DNA and Finnskog DNA. As an extra benefit of his visit, Jan will also teach a Finnskog class, sharing information on these settlements from Finland, through Sweden and into Norway.

Fellesraad will provide handouts on the differences between the major DNA companies and other helpful information. So, invite your Lag Members as well as the younger generation to attend these presentations!

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May 3
May 4