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Iver Monson

15th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry
The Scandinavian Regiment

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Name at Enlist

Iver Monson

Birth Name

Iver Monsen Halfrund

Other Names



28 Jul 1843 – 20 Dec 1911

Birth Place

Halfrund farm, Vik, Sogn og Fjordane fylke

Birth Country


Resident of Muster-In

Christiana, Dane County, WI

Company at Enlistment


Rank at Enlistment


Muster Date

11 Jan 1862


Inga Ivarsdatter Refsdal

Mother Lived

12 Sep 1812-14 Nov 1894


Mons Simonsen Halfrund

Father Lived

-14 May 1896


1 Aug 1844


Karen (Carrie) Hansdatter Hanson

Spouse Lived

11 Jan 1847-16 Dec 1928

Married On

21 Dec 1875

Iver Monson was born August 28, 1843 in Vik, Sogn og Fjordane fylke, Norway, the son of Mons Simonsen Halfrund and Inga Jensdatter Refsdal. He came to America aboard the Kong Sverre out of Bergen and into NY on August 1, 1844.

Monson joined the WI 15th Infantry, Company B. The men of the company called themselves the “Wergeland Guards” in honor of Henrik Wergeland, the famous Norwegian writer and poet. The army listed Monson as living in Christiana, Dane County, WI, age 18, and unmarried. He had brown eyes, brown hair, dark complexion, and stood 5’8”. Monson enlisted for three years on January 11, 1862 at Madison, WI, and mustered there the same day as a Private (Menig). He was sick at home in Christiana on February 28, 1862 “and has since not been heard from”. He was listed as a deserter. He was found on November 9, 1863, was court-martialed, found guilty, and sentenced to forfeit all pay and compensation from November 1, 1861 to September 1, 1863. Monson was present for the regiment’s final year of marches and battles. He was discharged from the service on December 2, 1864.

After the war, he became a successful farmer in Dane County, WI. Monson married Karen Hanson on December 21, 1875 and they had five children. They included: Martin (1877), Cora J. (1880), Ida (1883), and Henrietta (1889). In 1880, they lived in Pleasant Springs and by 1905, they were living in Windsor. He died on December 20, 1911. His wife filed a pension in his name in 1912.


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