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Sjur Johnson Makkestad

15th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry
The Scandinavian Regiment

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Name at Enlist

Sjur Johnson Makkestad

Birth Name

4 Oct 1836 –

Birth Place

Ullensvang, Hordaland

Birth Country


Cause of Death



Marithe Jonsdatter


John Mikkelsen Maakestad


ca. 1859

Sjur Johnson Maakestad was born in Ullensvang, Hordaland, Norway on October 4, 1836. His parents were John Mikkelsen Maakestad and Marithe Jonsdatter. He came to Mitchell County, IA in 1859. His brother was Ole Johnson Maakestad who also lived in Mitchell County. Sjur joined WI 15th Infantry, but he later died of his wounds.

Sources: Caryl Stalick; Norway Digital Archives, Ullensvang, Hordaland, Noway, 1825-1853, p.8 and 47; 1911 Mitchell County Atlas, by The Anderson Publishing Company, p.30,