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John Ingmundsen

15th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry
The Scandinavian Regiment

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Name at Enlist

John Ingmundsen

Birth Name

John Anthon Johannesen

Other Names

John Ingemundsen, Ingmunson, Ingmundson


28 Oct 1832 – 30 Dec 1862

Birth Place

Gathue farm in Rygge parish, Smaalenene

Birth Country


Resident of Muster-In

Neshonoc, La Crosse County, WI

Company at Enlistment


Rank at Enlistment


Muster Date

9 Dec 1861

Cause of Death

killed in action

Death Location

Battle of Stones River, TN

Burial Location

Buried in an unmarked grave


Nicholine Andersdtr. Wendelboe


Johannes Ingmundsen




Elina Simenson

Married On

27 Feb 1856

Marriage Location

Neshonoc, La Crosse County, WI

John Anthon Ingmundson was born on October 28, 1832 on the Gathue farm in Rygge parish, Smaalenene, Norway. His parents were Johannes Ingmundsen and Nicholine Andersdtr. Wendelboe. He came to America in 1853, and operated a farm in Allamakee County, IA. He moved to Neshonoc, WI in 1858.

Ingmundson joined the WI 15th Infantry, Company E. The men of the company called themselves “Odin’s Rifles.”

The army listed Ingmundson as living in Neshonoc, La Crosse County, WI, age 29, and married. He had married Elina Simenson on February 27, 1856 in Neshonoc. Ingmundson accepted a commission as Captain (Kaptein) on December 10, 1861 at La Crosse with rank from the 9th. He mustered on December 20, 1861, at Madison, WI.

He was killed in the Battle of Stones River, TN on December 30, 1862. He was the first of the WI 15th Regimental Officers to be killed. He stood up to give orders to his men in an area of boulders and underbrush in which rebel soldiers were hidden and was shot down. His men carried his body to the rear where he was buried, but in the fighting the site was not marked and later could never be identified. He was buried in an unmarked grave.


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