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Naeseth Library Collection

NAGC’s collection includes library materials that relate to Norwegian-American history and genealogy. The Naeseth Library contains reference materials which support the study of genealogy including books, maps, periodicals, and newspapers that document the patterns of Norwegian immigrants. All of this is maintained for use by staff and visitors to further the study of immigration, settlement, and genealogy.

Items that fit into the above criteria include but are not limited to: family histories, church histories & records, local histories, bydgebøker, and biographical sketch collections.

Items that do not fit into the above criteria include but are not limited to: Bibles, Hymnals, Luther’s Catechism, psalm books, art/craft books, travel books, historical fiction, celebrity biographies, and unbound family documents. If you wish to donate personal documents, manuscripts, diaries, letters, journals, original photographs, pamphlets, article reprints, religious tracts, music recordings & scores and society records, please contact NAHA (Norwegian-American Historical Association: or call 507-786-3450):

All donations are considered outright and unconditional gifts to be used at NAGC’s discretion.

If you have items you would like to donate, please complete the form below:

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