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NAGC’s online seminars enhance the resources available to family history researchers. Many of these instructional courses will be based on classes developed and presented by Jerry Paulson, NAGC’s Naeseth Chair for Genealogical Research and Publication. Watch throughout the coming months as these helpful webinars are added; the online classes will be designed to assist and instruct all researchers, from beginning to advanced levels.

The webinars appear with the most recent at the top of the list. If you are a new visitor to our website and our webinars, we suggest you begin with Topic 1 and proceed in order. The How To webinars provide tips on using other websites, etc. All webinars are free. Please print the handouts for each webinar before you begin viewing the webinar.

The webinar project is made possible by the generous support of The Edwin E. and Janet L. Bryant Foundation, Inc.

TOPIC 6: Using DNA to Find Ancestors

Author: Dana Kelly Duration: 20 minutes Date: April, 24 2020

Sometimes the paper trail is incomplete, inconclusive or non-existent. This webinar walks through the steps to connect a DNA match to your family tree and use that evidence to add ancestors to your pedigree.

TOPIC 5: Spelling Variation in Norwegian Records

Author: Dana Kelly Duration: 20 minutes Date: April, 7 2020

Spelling inconsistencies in Norwegian language records can be frustrating. The following webinar gives an explanation of why some of these spelling variations exist and some tips for navigating those differences.

HOW TO 3: How to use the NAGC Proprietary Databases

Author: Jenna Schultz Duration: 21 minutes Date: August, 15 2017

HOW TO 2: Using the Norwegian Historical Data Centre (NHDC) website

Author: Jenna Schultz Duration: 26 minutes 22 seconds Date: July, 17 2017

The Norwegian Historical Data Centre (NHDC) is a national institution under the Faculty of Social Science at the University of Tromsø, The Arctic University of Norway. Their main goal is to computerize the Norwegian censuses 1865 onwards together with the parish registers and other sources from the 18th and 19th centuries.

TOPIC 4: Norwegian (American) Church Records - Yesterday & Today

Author: Jerry Paulson Duration: 1 hour 9 minutes Date: February, 17 2017

Please print handouts before viewing the webinar

Download Webinar Handout

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TOPIC 3: History, Farms, Communities, Clerical Districts & Counties of Norway

Author: Jerry Paulson Duration: 42 minutes Date: February, 1 2017

Please print handouts before viewing the webinar

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HOW TO 1: Using the 15th WI Regiment (Civil War) Database

Author: Jenna Schultz Duration: 17 minutes 50 seconds Date: June, 23 2016

TOPIC 2: Norwegian Naming Patterns

Author: Jerry Paulson Duration: 46 minutes 23 seconds Date: May, 26 2016

Please print handouts before viewing the webinar.


Download Webinar Handout

Download Webinar Handout Two

TOPIC 1: Basic Genealogy - The 10 Step Program

Author: Jerry Paulson Duration: 22 minutes 37 seconds Date: March, 16 2016

Please print handout before viewing the webinar.

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