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The NAGC & NL staff has spent several years and considerable time compiling, extracting, verifying and recording information about immigrant Norwegians from available sources in the United States and Norway.

NAGC&NL founder Gerhard Naeseth’s five volumes of Norwegian Immigrants to the United States-A Biographical Directory (1821-1850) are now available in searchable PDF’s on our website, thanks to scanning by the staff at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. Since the publication of Naeseth’s five volumes, the staff at NAGC continues to add new immigrant records. The additional records can be found in the database “Norwegian Immigrants 1850* and Later”. Please note that immigrants in the year 1850* can possibly be found in either database (depending on when that particular record was found).

We believe that the information included in our databases is correct. If you discover an error or can provide additional information that we can add to our immigrant records, please contact us with your Recommended Change on a specific immigrant record or send an email to: genealogy@nagcnl.org.

Corrections and additions will be done regularly.

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