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Using Scrapbooking Techniques To Tell Your Family Story

July 13, 2015 @ 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

This new class grows from the enthusiasm and expertise of instructor Carol Culbertson, who will be using her own impressive family history scrapbooks as a model for those enrolling in the session. Carol (with her +30 year association with NAGC) will offer instruction on putting together a sample page for the type of scrapbook you envision.

Carol recommends scrapbooking techniques as a creative way to organize, share, and preserve the documents, photographs and memorabilia that you have collected through the years. Scrapbooked family histories are an easy way to present family histories, making stories visual and stimulating and creating a wonderful way for family members of all ages to learn about their ancestors. This presentation offers much more than just dry lists of names, dates and places-while also helping to preserve photos and other items that need to be presented in context. This class offers a chance to add creativity to any family history project with a three-dimensional approach.

This workshop will provide you with an alternative to writing a book about your family. You can assemble your family’s history one page at a time, using pictures or documents and the descriptions that go with them. The nice thing about this method is that you can do a few pages at a time and before you know it you will have a treasured history for yourself and to pass on to family members.

 We will be assembling at least 1 page of your family’s history during the workshop.

 Please bring copies of 1 or more pictures you would like to use. If you have several photos for a particular subject that you would like to write a history about, make copies of them to bring with you. You might want to also write the story that would go with those pictures and bring that with you. The story could be in the form of descriptions of each picture or about the whole group of pictures, whichever is easier for you to write.


Scrapbooking paper

Scissors (If you have favorites you like to use, bring them)


Shapes that can be drawn around

Paper cutter

To facilitate this class, Carol is limiting enrollment to ten people. This is a special opportunity to take part in what is becoming a popular new family history approach.

Reserve your place early by enrolling through our Estore; call us at 608-255-2224 or email Carol directly: cculbertson@nagcnl.org

Cost: $45 for NAGC members or $60 for non-members