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Research Fees

Since we are a non-profit organization and receive no support from outside sources, we do have to charge for the research that we conduct.

If you would like to use the services of the NAGC research staff, there are a couple ways you may proceed:

Option 1: A pre-payment of $200.00 is required for non-members.  This includes 2 hours of research (non-member rate is $100/hour), copies, offsite film rental and other fees, if any.

Option 2: You can pre-pay $150.00 to purchase an Associate Membership for $50, with the remaining $100 for 2 hours of research, copies, film rentals, etc. at the member rate.  The benefit of Option 2 is that any research done in the future, including time over the pre-paid amount, is $50 per hour instead of $100.

Before we begin any research, we would like you to contact us and authorize an amount of time or dollars that you do not want us to exceed. We do have a backlog of requests, so it won’t be done immediately. If you do have a deadline (a trip to Norway planned, family reunion, etc.), we need to know that.