“I have to say I truly love your Center and Library - from the first time I met your wonderful staff 3 years ago and I have solved many questions in my research on my Bjelde-Belle-Bell Family from Bjelde, Aurland, Norway!”

- Katharine (Colorado)

“Dear Carol, Thank you many times again for all the research you did for me. I appreciate it. Now, finally the Family History book is assembled to tell the basic story.”

- Gloria (Iowa)

“Dear Dana, I can't thank you enough for you and your team's efforts!!! I understand the difficulty in confirming this. I think for all intensive purposes we could say one of the oldest immigrants for sure! Glad to have your contact info for future projects as needed!”

- Lori (Florida)

“This is fantastic!  Please pass along my thanks and best regards to Arthur for his fine work translating the wedding program.    ”

- David (Colorado)

“Thank you Chris! Great job on the research!”

- Martha (Wisconsin)

“Wonderful.  So glad to get these back.  I will definitely be taking some time to review all of these and see if I have any questions.  And the translator was able to finish all of these in 10 hours?  That is just great! Thank you and a big thanks to the translator Solveig.”

- Jerry (Minnesota)

“I just paid the invoice for Chris' research.  I am honestly blown away by the amount of information she was able to assemble in so short a time and the completeness of her documentation.  I definitely know more about my roots than I did before getting her help. Thanks to everyone at NAGC & NL for the valuable services you provide. Please refer to the testimonial below.   For years we have known that my grandfather took the name of the family which fostered him from ages 5-21.  We had no idea what our actual last name was.  Flash forward to Chris Klauer.  In 4 hours she had determined  the name of my grandfather's biological father, traced his mother back to Norway, and determined her emigration date. Given such success in so limited a limited time, I asked her to do more research on both my grandfather's and grandmother's ancestors in Norway.  We can now trace by grandfather's ancestors back to the early 1600's and my grandmother's to the 1700's.  Fun fact, one of my grandmother's ancestors had almost folk hero status. Throughout the process Chris has been a pleasure to work and communicate with.  Her documentation is thorough and she does her best to put the information in the context of the times and locations.  More than just a line of ancestors, she has helped me build a picture and story regarding my family. I can't recommend the research services of the Norwegian American Genealogical Center strongly enough.  ”

- Gillbert (California)

“The translations by Arthur are excellent.  And well organized -- the three photo captions on one page, and the history excerpt on a separate page.  Much appreciated.”

- John (Virginia)

“Excellent!  Thank you so much, Chris! I'm enjoying so much going through all of the wonderful documents you sent regarding my husband's family.  Thank you again for that terrific research and reporting -- so wonderful to have and to share with the family!”

- Beverly (Massachusetts)

“Jerry-Fantastic research worth waiting for. Can’t wait to scrutinize the details.”

- William (Wisconsin)

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