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Skiing In Norway Note Card

Skiing In Norway Note Card, from a hand-colored woodblock print by Olive J. Nordby (1915-2014).

The artist wrote about her inspiration for making this image:

“This is no particular place, just an arrangement of mountains and trees on the left with all the snow. It needed something-it was such a beautiful majestic scene-and so I thought the huge, huge mountains and tiny, infinitesimal figures of people would make a good contrast. The people would be so little and insignificant and unimportant compared to the gorgeous scenery in the background. And then I decided I wanted the people to be a family. People don’t always recognize that and it doesn’t matter. But there’s a father, then a little kid and the mother. I was just trying to show how sort of unimportant people are compared to nature. That’s the way I feel. Now, its not necessarily true, but I think that the people are so intent on their skiing-their journey-that they probably don’t even look at, don’t even see, don’t pay attention to the beauty around them. But they should. And they should look at everything and really see the detail. That’s the trouble,  I think, with some schools today. They don’t teach that perspective, that way of looking at things to see relationships. It’s true even in ordinary things; for example, how a straight line will make something look really wonderful and a curved line will give another feeling to it. So people in school should learn to really look at things and see differences and relationships in space. Space, perspective and relationships are so important. And this print is about the relationship between the huge mountains and the tiny little people.”

Horizontal format: 5×7″, blank inside

20 cards with 20 envelopes

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