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Research and Translation Services

The research staff has among them a depth of experience, making it possible to answer requests and conduct research in the most time-efficient way. Translation services (in both Bokmål and Nynorsk) for handwritten letters, legal documents, manuscripts, and printed articles are available. Depending on legibility of the original document, translation of Gothic script is also available.

NAGC & NL members and non-members are welcome to browse and conduct family research at the Naeseth Library during regular business hours. Our staff is highly trained and has extensive experience in finding what you are looking for.

Fee-based research assistance is available for those working in the Library and also for those who are unable to travel to Madison, Wisconsin.

Our Research & Translation Staff


Jerry has been a part of the NAGC staff since he retired from his career with the University Hospitals in 2000. Doing genealogical research for over forty years, Jerry had an opportunity to work as a volunteer with Gerhard Naeseth in the early 1990’s, helping create one of the first computer databases for Norwegian-American genealogy. Among the many classes he has taught, Jerry offered genealogical instruction for over 25 years at Madison Area Technical College for adult continuing education. He now leads classes in Beginning Genealogy and Writing Your Family History at our Center, as well as a multitude of seminars for community groups, lag and stevne meetings, and museums associated with Norwegian-American heritage and culture. For nearly a decade, Jerry has been accompanying groups of researchers to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City.



Chris Klauer has been researching her family since middle school when she was assigned a project.  This little assignment has led her to visit many states, court houses, libraries, Historical Societies, archives and cemeteries.  She has a BS in Education from the University of Whitewater and a BA from Ashford University.  She works as the Administrative Assistant for the Wisconsin State Genealogical Society (WSGS) assisting members and chairing the conferences that they hold every year.  Chris compiled the Legacy QuickGuide™ for Wisconsin and also co-compiled Wisconsin Its Counties, Townships & Villages for WSGS.  When she is not working on her family research, she enjoys camping, watching history shows and spending time with her husband and her four children.


Solveig is the first person to greet you when you visit the Naeseth Library, and the person who answers the phone when you call for information or an appointment. Born in Norway and still fluent in her mother tongue, Solveig is our translator of both Nynorsk and Bokmål. With over ten years of experience here, Solveig is an expert guide to the collection for both beginning and expert researchers. She can offer insight into methods of genealogical research, especially those important first steps. Her translation work often includes handwritten family letters, manuscripts, printed books, and documents (which are often in hard-to-decipher Gothic script). Solveig is our resident expert on the topographical maps that show farm names and act as excellent tools for anyone traveling to Norway and wanting to visit the area of their ancestors.









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“After receiving the information from your organization about finding my husband's family farm on Sjernaroy, we rerouted our whole trip to go there. The map from Solveig was crucial. We ran into a tour at the church where records showed John's grandfather was baptised- those records were from your genealogists. The tour guide told us his wife was related to the Norheims and pointed out the direction of the farms. We followed a sign that said NORHEIM -> and it led us to the cluster of farms owned by Norheims. At the first farm, the wife told us they weren't related and sent us on to the next farm.  At the next farm, the farmer and his son went into get the grandfather, who came out with the Sjernaroy family history book. He said he wasn't related but showed us the page his family was on and told us to go to the next farm. Our wonderful driver was fearless about talking to anyone- good thing too because many of the people didn't speak English. At the third farm was an 80 something year old man sitting on his porch listening to the radio in his slippers. Our driver showed him the baptismal record and he said, "that is my uncle." He told us about his father and he took us inside to show us photos. He also pointed out the house where John's grandfather was born. This was all because of your hard work. Both John and I want to thank you for giving us this gift.”

- Wendy & John (California)

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