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New Books (January-December 2019)

New Family Histories at the NAGC&NL

Discovering my Norwegian-American Ancestry Part VI of Memories and Reflections on a life Journey, by Byron. Gift of Byron L. Schmid

Norway to NoDak, by Allan Peterson. Gift of Allan Peterson, Ralph Peterson, Patrick Peterson and Ronald Peterson

Long Distance Reflections – Murmester Johan Hessler – 1735-1786, by Steve Heimerle. Gift of Steve Heimerle

Autobiography by Pastor Olai O. Bergh, by Jay M. and Dorothy E. (Bergh) Steinberg. Gift of Jon Nelson

The Story of Us Thorstad/Johnson, by Patricia Thorstad True. Gift of Patricia Thorstad True

John Hansen and Agnes Coulter with their direct Blood Line Ancestors, by Kay Bogart. Gift of Kay Bogart.

Norwegian Mountains to Minnesota Farmland – Tom O. and Rannai [Fosse] Lee, their ancestors and families 1620-2004, by Ronald T. Lee. Gift of Ronald T. Lee

In Honor of Henry and Anna Gunderson, by David Gunderson MD and James S. Gunderson. Gift of David and James Gunderson

Bringa and Hougan – Their ancestors and descendants, by Joan Phelan. Gift of Joan Phelan

The Nelson-Moen Family of The Town of Tumuli – Otter Tail County, MI, by Bersvend J. Blikstad. Gift of Sally Nelson West

Carl Andreas Høyen and Ingeborg Høyen Olsen – Brother and Sister Interred at Laymans’ in Minneapolis, 1894, by Jane Wallace. Gift of Jane Wallace

A Family story, by Tom Moe. Gift of Tom Moe

A Birth Name for Mikkel Braaten of Otter Tail County, Minnesota, by David Hovick Lohman. Gift of David Hovick Lohman

Short Family History Documents on the Iversen Family and the Nichols Family, by Ardith Northman. Gift of Jeanne Iversen

My Norwegian Heritage Volume 1 and 2, by Charlotte Stenseth Magnuson. Gift of Roberta and Charles Anderson

New Norwegian Local History & Reference at the NAGC&NL

Historie om Udvandringen fra Voss og Vossingerne I Amerika, by K.A. Rene, published 1930. Gift of the Leydig Center

Lårdal Ætt og Heim Høydalsmo Sogn, by Tarjei Førstøyl, published 2013. Gift of John Bergren

Bygdehistorie for Fet (6 volumes), by Elbjørg Arnesen (Vol.1), Jan E. Horgen (Vol. 2,3,4,5) and Torkel RønoldBråthen (Vol. 6). Published 1980 (Vol.1), 1985 (Vol.2), 1988 (Vol.3), 1990 (Vol.4), 1993 (Vol.5), 2005 (Vol.6). Gift of the Helgeson Fund.

Valdres Bygdebok Gard og bygd I Nord-Aurdal (Vol.1B. Vol. 1C, Vol. 1D), by Mona Dalen et.al (Vol. 1B, Vol.1C) and Harald Hvattum (Vol. 1D). Published 2012 (vol.1B), 2013 (vol.1C), 2015 (vol.1D). Gift of the Helgeson Fund.

Gard og Slekt Fiksdal og Rekdal, by Olav Rekdal, published 1976. Gift of St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church, WA

 Gard og Slekt Tresfjord 1, by Olav Rekdal, published 1973. Gift of St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church, WA

Mjøsmuseets Årbok 2018, by Arne Julsrud Berg (editor), published 2018. Gift of Mjøsmuseet, Norway

Kvitseid Bygdesoge I  Ættesoga, by Torjus Loupedalen, published in 1956. Gift of David Hovick Lohman

Årbok for Hadeland 2019, by Harald Hvattum (editor), published 2019. Gift of Årbokutvalget (Hadeland, Norway)

Asker – Bidrag til Bygdas Gårdshistorie, by Halvard Torgersen, published 1940. Gift of Michael and Jeanne Sween

Hitterdalsboken – Gaarde og Slegter, by O.H Holta, published 1927. Gift of Michael and Jeanne Sween

New U.S. Local History & Reference at the NAGC&NL

Holden Luth. Church, by Patricia Thorstad True. Gift of Patricia Thorstad True

Norsk Lutherske Menigheter I Amerika 1843-1916, Andet Bind (vol.2), by (collected by) Pastor O.M. Norlie et.al., published 1918. Gift of Re. M.L and Karen Jacobsen

They Sang for Norway – Olaf Oleson’s Immigrant Choir, by Ane-Charlotte Five Aarset (translated by Roald Aarset), published 2017. Anonymous

Rock Valle Lutheran Church Echo, Minnesota 125th Anniversary 1873-1998, by Lowell H. Asplund. Anonymous

Other Items of Interest

Uræd The egg that crossed the Atlantic, by Ole M. Ellefsen, published 2005. Gift of John Brugge

Holden Lutheran Church, by Patricia Thorstad True. Gift of Patricia Thorstad True

Searching for Dot Lemon Mystery Woman – Who Was She?, by Richard Kinsman, published 2019. Gift of Richard Kinsman

The Legacy they gave to us Volume 2, Volume 3 and Volume 4, by Matilda Hansen, published 2016 (vol.2), 2018 (vol.3), 2018 (vol.4). Gift of Matilda Hansen.

Light and Shade from the Land of the Midnight Sun, by John Fredreck Hanson, published 1903. Gift of Matilda Hansen

Unstoppable – Norwegian Pioneers Educate their Daughters, by Gracia Grindal, published 2016. Gift of Rhys Hanson

Interpreting the Promise of America- Essays in honor of Odd Sverre Lovoll, by Todd W. Nichol (editor), published 2002. Gift of Rhys Hanson

Two Homelands – A Historian Considers His Life and Work, by Odd S. Lovoll, published 2018. Gift of Rhys Hanson

A History of American Immigration, by George M. Stephenson, published 1926. Gift of Rhys Hanson


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“After receiving the information from your organization about finding my husband's family farm on Sjernaroy, we rerouted our whole trip to go there. The map from Solveig was crucial. We ran into a tour at the church where records showed John's grandfather was baptised- those records were from your genealogists. The tour guide told us his wife was related to the Norheims and pointed out the direction of the farms. We followed a sign that said NORHEIM -> and it led us to the cluster of farms owned by Norheims. At the first farm, the wife told us they weren't related and sent us on to the next farm.  At the next farm, the farmer and his son went into get the grandfather, who came out with the Sjernaroy family history book. He said he wasn't related but showed us the page his family was on and told us to go to the next farm. Our wonderful driver was fearless about talking to anyone- good thing too because many of the people didn't speak English. At the third farm was an 80 something year old man sitting on his porch listening to the radio in his slippers. Our driver showed him the baptismal record and he said, "that is my uncle." He told us about his father and he took us inside to show us photos. He also pointed out the house where John's grandfather was born. This was all because of your hard work. Both John and I want to thank you for giving us this gift.”

- Wendy & John (California)

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