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Recent Acquisitions

New Books (November 2020 Through January 2021)

New Family Histories at the NAGC&NL

Ancestry, Descendants and Biographies – Larsson (Larson) and Olesen (Olsen), by Betty Brown Sheeran, published 2000. Gift of Donna Fostveit

A Photo History of the Moline and Seline Families, by Vranna L. Manor, published 2014. Gift of Vranna L. Manor

The Braatens, by Lola Ruff, published 2000. Gift of Lola Ruff

Norse to America; Noname’s Memoirs and Album of Memories, by Bernice Rasmussen Day, published 2018. Gift of Bernice Rasmussen Day

From the Lindberg Family Saga, by Duane Rodell Lindberg, unknown publishing date. Anonymous donor

Ancestors and Descendants of Emil Nilsen Staff (1854-1925) and Johanna Hansen Staff (1859-1953) of Hedemarken and Vest-Agder Counties, Norway and Cook County, Illinois, by Gambrel, Judith Engelstad, published 2020. Gift of Judith Gambrel

Kjærulf Studies; Contributions to the Genealogy and History of a Farmer Family from Vendsyssel, by C. Klitgaard (translated by Erik Karoll and Anders Kjærulff Knudsen), published 1918. Gift of Jean Iverson

The Rossings and Their Story, by Elisabeth Rossing Forell et.al, published 2020. Gift of Gregory Rossing

Both Sides of the Ocean, by Ruth Sønju Madsen, published 2021. Gift of Ruth Sønju Madsen

Loren Anderson Farm, by Kirk Uslabar. Gift of Judy Klusman


New Norwegian Local History & Reference at the NAGC&NL

Årbok for Hadeland 2020, by Harald Hvattum (ed.) et.al, published 2020. Gift of Gran, Jevnaker og Lunner kommuner

Tromsø som kirkested og by gjennom syv hundre år, by Ytreberg, N. A., published 1952. Gift of Marc Hansen

Troms, by Fjørtoft, Kjell, published 1970. Gift of Marc Hansen

Historien til en del av den gamle bebyggelsen på vestsiden, by Svein Skahjem, published 1994. Gift of Peggy Hager

Byvandring I Fredrikstad; Bymiljøene som ble borte III, by Svein Skahjem, published 2000. Gift of Peggy Hager

Elingaard – et gammelt herresete, by Grethe Borges, published 2007. Gift of Peggy Hager

Demokraten i hundre; Fra Smaalenenes Social-Demokrat til Demokraten 1906-2006, by Wiggo Erik Larsen, published 2006. Gift of Peggy Hager

Telemark; Midt i eventyret, by Ove Mellingen, year of publication is unknown. Gift of Peggy Hager

Årbok for Rana 2014, by Per Gunnar Hjorthen (ed.), published 2014. Gift of Vranna Manor

Nordlandsbanen nord for Grong, by Thor Bjerke, published 2012. Gift of Vranna Manor

The Norseman (Magazine) No.3; Look to Norway, by Thor Bjarne Bore (ed.), published 2007. Gift of Vranna Manor

Blakstad i Asker; Gården og slekten, by Sigurd Engelstad, published 1958. Gift of Helgeson Fund for Acquisitions

 Nes I Hallingdal  Vols. 1-4  Index, by Carol Culbertson (Terje Østro). Gift of Carol Culbertson

Fabrikkstaden; Ytre Arna 1846-1946, by M.L Revheim, published 1946. Gift of David Kvamme

Haus I soga og segn; ættarbok, by Lars Martinusson Ådna, published 1959. Gift of David Kvamme

New U.S. Local History & Reference at the NAGC&NL

Wisconsin; Its Counties, Townships & Villages (second edition), compiled by Uncapher, Wendy (Zastrow) and Herrick, Linda (Zastrow), published 2015. Gift of Chris Klauer

Ninetieth Anniversary Celebration…..at Jefferson Prairie Lutheran Church, Under the Auspices of the Lutheran Brotherhood, published 1928. Gift of Chris Klauer

Norwegians in Wisconsin; Revised and Expanded Edition, by Richard J. Fapso, published 2001. Gift of Vranna Manor

Other Items of Interest

Research Guide for Norwegian Genealogy – For Beginning and Experienced Genealogists, by Carol A. Culbertson, Dana Kelly, Michael Knudson and Jerry Paulson, published 2020.

Some Pioneer Families of Wisconsin; An Index Vol.3, by Brissee, John A. (ed.), published 2001. Gift of Chris Klauer

A Sample of Norway’s Folk Costumes, by Thorbjørg Hjelmen Ugland, published 1996. Gift of Marc Hansen

 The Norwegian Stave Churches, by Leif Anker, published 2005. Gift of Marc Hansen

Marking Time: The Primstav Murals of Sigmund Aaseth, by Kathleen Stokker, published 2003. Gift of Marc Hansen

Norwegian folk tales / from the collection of Peter Christen Asbjørnsen/ Jørgen Moe, by Asbjørnsen, Peter Christen, published 1960. Gift of Marc Hansen

The following 15 books are all part of a 15-volume series from Norrøna Society The VIKING edition), edited by Rasmus B. Anderson. The complete set was donated by Marc Hansen

The nine books of the Danish History of Saxo Grammaticus……vol I and II, edited by Rasmus B. Anderson, published 1906. Gift of Marc Hansen

Teutonic mythology; gods and goddesses of the Northland; Vol.I, II and III, by Victor Rydberg (Rasmus B. Anderson ed.), published 1906.Gift of Marc Hansen

The Volsunga Saga supplemented with Legents of the Wagner Trilogy and Old Norse Sagas Kindred to the Volsung and Niblung Tale, by Rasmus B. Anderson (ed.), published 1906. Gift of Marc Hansen

The Heimskringla, a History of the Norse Kings; Vol.I, II and III, by Rasmus B. Anderson (ed./ revised notes), published 1906. Gift of Marc Hansen

The story of Burnt Njal, the great Icelandic tribune, jurist, and counsellor, by Rasmus B. Anderson (ed.), published 1906. Gift of Marc Hansen

The Elder Eddas of Saemund Sigfusson and The Younger Eddas of Snorre Sturleson, by Rasmus B. Anderson (ed.), published 1906. Gift of Marc Hansen

Romances and Epics of our Northern Ancestors; Norse, Celt and Teuton, by Wilhelm Wagner, (Rasmus B. Anderson ed.), published 1906. Gift of Marc Hansen

A Collection of Popular Tales from The Norse and North German, by Dasent, George W. (Rasmus B. Anderson ed.), published 1906. Gift of Marc Hansen

The Arthurian Tales; The Greatest of Romances Which Recount the Nobel and Valorous Deeds of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, by Sir Thomas Malory (Rasmus B. Anderson ed.), published 1906. Gift of Marc Hansen

The Norse Discovery of America: A compilation in Extenso of all the Sagas, Manuscripts and Inscriptive Memorials Relating to the Finding and Settlement of the New World in the Eleventh Century, by Rasmus B. Anderson (ed.), published 1906. Gift of Marc Hansen

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“I just received your update on the Dokken family of Worth Co. Iowa. I must compliment you on an impressive piece of work. Thank you very much. We have two more Norwegian families, the Nelsons and the Olsons, that we intend to investigate in the next year or so. I hope that we can request your assistance once again when the time comes. Again, thank you very much for your help.”

- David (Minnesota)

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