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Outreach Events

Schedule an NAGC & NL outreach event today!

Events can be custom designed to your group’s specific needs, or you can select from a variety of topics that our staff has already prepared. Presentations use a variety of media and can be scheduled from a 45 minute presentation to full day workshops or seminars.

For details and further information about scheduling and fees for events by NAGC staff members, call us at (608) 255-2224 or email us: genealogy@nagcnl.org

Prepared Topics for Presentations
Or We Can Design a Specific Topic and Program for Your Group

Genealogical resources and research techniques at the Norwegian American Genealogical Center & Naeseth Library
Overview of the collection and resources available at NAGC & NL
Can the Norwegian American Genealogical Center & Naeseth Library help me find MY Ole Olson?
Resources and methods available at NAGC to help you find your ancestors in Norway and help track them in the United States
Black sheep, horse thieves and some nice people grow on family trees
The basics of how to research, organize and document a genealogical project
Naturalization: The final step toward Americanization?
Did your immigrant ancestor start or complete the process? What were the steps and what types of records were generated?
Unraveling the myth of Ellis Island and the many stories that abound about what happened to our ancestors during their stay at Ellis Island
Debunks many of the stories and explains the steps taken to gain entry to America
Making sense of the census
Tips on how to find your people from 1790 to 1940. This seminar also includes discussion about state census information
Government records often overlooked and misunderstood: a review of less important but valuable records that can provide information
Land records, military records, probate, and social security. Also, let’s take another look at those vital records.
Organization and Documentation: The two cuss words in genealogy
Basics of how to organize and the purpose of documenting the information as you find it.
Causes of migration and the experience during the 19th century
Explanation of why our ancestors packed their bags and headed not only to America, but other points west
How to avoid 30 years of passenger list research
Tips to finding the right passenger list without reading every list that has survived

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“I can't begin to tell you how much it meant that both Jerry and John took time from their busy schedule and work to help in the search for Knud (a family member I've been searching for since almost my beginnings in researching my own family!). What a gift to receive this information! Words don't express what's in my heart. Please tell Jerry and John what their research has meant to not only me, but my children and their children. Enclosed is the promised donation I want to give as a thank you for Jerry and John's exceptional work. Thank you!”

- Ardie (Minnesota)

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