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2021 Class Schedule

Beginning Norwegian Genealogy (in-person):

Date: August 17-18, 2021

Time: 10:00-2:30 Central

Cost: $150 member/$200 non-member

If you are just beginning your family history research, or have some experience with genealogical research but have little or no experience with Norwegian genealogy or Norwegian genealogical records, this class is for you! Topics covered in the class include common genealogical records for Norwegian and Norwegian-American genealogy, Norwegian naming customs, and locating your ancestor’s Norwegian birthplace. There will be time after class concludes each day to research in the Naeseth Library if participants wish. Lunch will be provided.

Intermediate Genealogy (in-person):

Date: August 21, 2021

Time: 10:00-3:00 Central

Cost: $90 member/$115 non-member

This class was created for those who have already gotten a start on their Norwegian research but would like to dig deeper.  This one-day session will focus on Norwegian census research, using DNA results, bygdebøker, and digging deeper into online resources. There will be time after class concludes to research in the Naeseth Library if participants wish. Lunch will be provided.

Sharing Your Family History (online):

Date: September 14, 2021

Time: 10:00 a.m.-2:30 Central

Cost: $80 member/$100 non-member

This class focuses on several ways to share family history. Topics covered will include writing and publishing, social media, and ideas for engaging younger generations.

Genealogy Basics (online):

September 23, 2021– 10:00 a.m., $40 (online)

This class is designed for those who are just dipping their toes into genealogy research. Class topics will include genealogy best practices, using websites such as FamilySearch.org and Ancestry.com, and resources available from historical societies and genealogical societies. This class is not specific to those with Norwegian heritage, and we welcome NAGC members and non-members.

Introduction to Norwegian Genealogy (online):

October 20, 2021—10:00 a.m., $100 member/$150 non-member (online)

This class is for those who are familiar with genealogy basics but haven’t dug into Norwegian genealogical research yet. The class will focus on Norwegian naming traditions, history and geography, along with strategies for locating where in Norway your ancestors originated. This class also includes a copy of our “Research Guide for Norwegian Genealogy: For Beginning and Experienced Genealogists.”

Intermediate Norwegian Genealogy (in-person):

October 30, 2021– 9:00 a.m., $100 member/$150 non-member (in person)

This class expands on the introductory class by exploring using bygdebøker for research, introducing the Norwegian Digital Archives Website, and strategies for reading old handwriting. Lunch is included.

Exploring the Norwegian Digital Archives (online or in-person):

November 6, 2021– 9:30 a.m., $80 member/$130 non-member (online); $90 member/$140 non-member (in person)

This class explores the wide variety of records and resources available in the Norwegian Digital Archives and how to find them. In person participants are encouraged to bring a laptop. Lunch is included for in person attendees.

Personalized Advanced Genealogy

(By Arrangement with NAGC research staff) This is an intensive session with Center researchers for anyone who has hit the brick wall in research in family history and needs additional help. Individual assistance is for two (2) six-hour days. Call the Center to make arrangements. This personalized advanced research assistance would be a perfect gift for the genealogist in your family!

NAGC Member Fee: $420 / Non-Member Fee: $840

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“I am a norwegian, always living in Norway. Very interesting to see your videos and that you are interested in Norway and where you come from. It seems to me that your center is doing a great job to help people to find out where they come from.”

- Tor (Norway)

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