Haugen  Pederson

Haugen Pederson

15th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry

The Scandinavian Regiment

Name at Enlist Haugen Pederson
Birth Name
Other Names Halvor
Patronymic Name Pettersen
Lived 23 Sep 1834 -
Birth Place Sigdal, Buskerud
Birth Country Norway
Residence at Muster-In Riceland Township, Freeborn County, MN
Company at Enlistment K
Rank at Enlistment Private
Mother Mari Halversdatter
Father Petter Olsen Slette
Spouse Boel Peterson

Haugen Pederson Slette was born on September 23, 1834, in Sigdal, Buskerud, Norway. His parents were Petter Olsen Slette and Mari Halversdtr.

Haugen joined the WI 15th Infantry, Company K as a Private (Menig). The company called itself "Clausen's Guards" in honor of the 15th's first Chaplain, Claus L. Clausen. Most of the company was recruited from Scandinavian communities in Minnesota and Iowa, with the rest from Wisconsin. The army listed him as living in Riceland Township, Freeborn County, MN. His brother was Lieutenant Ole Slette.

After the war, he lived with Boel in Freeborn County, MN. They had two children named Peter and Knud.

Sources: FCHS; Norway Digital Archives; 1865 MN Census, MNSC_1, line 43.

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