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Welcome to the Soldier Search page.  You may click on one of the alphabetical characters to search quickly by last name or you may fill in the form to perform a more detailed search of our database of 15th Wisconsin soldier profiles. The search form does not use ‘wildcards’, but it is possible to search on just the first letters of the information requested. For example, ‘Ste’ would find “Steen’, Stensen’ or other names that begin with these three letters. It is not possible to search for letters within a name or word.

When the results are displayed you may click on the name of a soldier to view his profile. You may also click on the soldiers’ unit to view more information about that company.

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Names - R Highest Rank Unit Place of Birth Residence at Muster-In
Dahl, Ole RasmussenPrivateBBøifod (Bøyfot) Farm, Straumsnes, Tingvold, Møre og Romsdal fylkeBloomer Prairie, Chippewa County, WI
Rambeck, John J.PrivateINew Hope, Portage County, WI
Ramsaas, Iver PrivateERingebu, Oppland fylke Viroqua, Bad Ax (Vernon) County, WI
Rasmuson, Aslak PrivateKFillmore County, MN
Redan, Alexander PrivateG
Reese, Charles M.MajorUnassignedCopenhagenMadison, Dane County, WI
Reeves, William PrivateCMadison, Dane County, WI
Reierson, Enoch J.PrivateD Stavanger, Rogaland fylkeChicago, Cook County, IL
Rice, Albert E.PrivateKVinje, Telemark (or Vinje, Kristiansand Parish)East Troy, Cast Iron, Walworth County, WI
Rice, Edwin A.PrivateCChautauqua, Chautauqua County, NYWaterford, Racine County, WI
Rice, Jarvis LPrivateField Officers & StaffPennsylvaniaWaterford, Racine County, WI
Rice, John T.Second LieutenantCWaterford, Racine County, WIWaterford, Racine County, WI
Risum, Otto A.SergeantGChristiania (Oslo)Spring Valley, Rock County, WI
Rogers, Charles D.Q.M. SergeantUnassignedWIMilwaukee, Milwaukee County, WI
Rolfson, Lewis PrivateCChristianiaNorway, Racine County, WI
Rome, Ole H.PrivateHRising Sun, Crawford County, WI
Rosenberg, John SergeantIStockholm, Pepin County, WI
Rosencrans, William StarkeGeneralUnassignedOhio
Rossing, Harden PrivateBChristiana, Dane County, WI
Rossing, Thorkild A.SergeantERossingødegard (Laandaas) farm, Søndre Land parish, Oppland fylkeWiota, LaFayette County, WI