How You Can Help

This web site is intended to preserve in living memory a knowledge of the 15th Volunteers and what they did during the American Civil War (1861-1865). Doing justice to 906 men is, of necessity, the work of many hands, including both those who provide information about these men and those who reenact them. In fact, it is upon the contributions of the former that the best portrayals of the latter are founded. To that end, the following are being requested.

  • Letters, diaries, speeches, articles, etc., by 15th soldiers about their war service.
  • Photographs or drawings of 15th soldiers, in uniform or not, made before, during, or after the war, including reunion photos .
  • Genealogy records especially details of: when and where a 15th soldier was born; the names and birth/death dates of his parents; when he came to America and on what ship; where he lived and what he did here before and after his military service; name(s) of his spouse(s) and their marriage date(s) and location(s); names and birth dates of his children; and, his death and burial dates and locations.
  • Discharge Certificates for individual 15th soldiers.
  • Military service and pension records from the National Archives.
  • Articles, obituaries, etc., about 15th soldiers in newspapers and county histories.
  • The 15th’s regimental and company books, which it kept during its service. Note: staff at the National Archives say the books are not there.
  • Muster-Rolls for Companies A, B, C, D, H, and K for June 30-August 31, 1863, and August 31-October 31, 1863. Note: they are not in the State Historical Society of Wisconsin Archives.
  • Drawings by Ole R. Dahl of camp, battlefield, and prison scenes
  • Present Day 15th Wisconsin Descendant Reunions or Re-enactments. We will be happy to include these events on the NAGC & NL website calendar.

If you have or know where any of these can be found, please contact us at: or mail the information to: NAGC & NL (15th Regiment Project)  415 West Main Street, Madison WI 53703. Please include the source of the information or photo, and written permission to use it on the 15th web site.

Thank you for whatever you can give to help keep the memory of these men alive.